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2023 Services

Green Acres LLC

The following services are offered for the 2024 season:

Application 1

App 1 is applied in spring: Mid to late April through May- This liquid application contains lawn fertilizer (iron, nitrogen, potassium) & pre-emergent for broadleaf, crabgrass & dandelions. Starting early and keeping up with your lawn is key!

Application 2

App 2 is applied in early summer: June through early July- This liquid application has lawn fertilizer, herbicide for dandelions, crabgrass & broadleaf control & insecticide for grub control. App 2 helps to bring out that lush green color!

Application 3

App 3 is applied mid to late summer: Mid July through August- it's hot!  App 3 is what we consider the Gatorade for your yard. Heat, mineral deficiencies, & plant stress can wreak havoc, stalling growth, causing Chlorosis (yellowing) & sometimes fungus. This app contains liquid lawn fertilizer & herbicide for broadleaf & dandelion control. 

Application 4

App 4 is applied in the fall: September & October- App 4 is a liquid application containing lawn fertilizer & herbicide for broadleaf weed & dandelion control in preparation for next season. I.E. say no to sandburs in your toes, know how it goes.

Application 5

App 5 is applied in late fall to early winter: Late October through Late November- App 5 is a dry granular, slow-release fertilizer application applied to your lawn to support a healthy yard through the dormant season. This application assists with that early spring green-up!

Over-Seeding and Core Aeration

Seeding and Aeration are extra services that we offer on a limited, first come, first serve basis. Aeration (or plugging) removes plugs from the soil allowing for better water, oxygen, & nutrient absorption promoting stronger root grown. Over-Seeding follows aeration as seeds are pushed deep into the soil.