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2023 Price List

Pricing per 1,000 sq ft is the same as our 2022 season.
New Customers: Please inquire for details.
*Application 2 subject to an additional $1 per 1,000 sq ft increase from 2022 due to increased product cost.


We are pleased to offer a 5% discount for the following:

*Signing up for and receiving all 5 Apps
*Pre-Pay (cash or check only)
*Military & First Responders
*7 % discount for signing up and receiving all 5 apps and opting for pre-pay (cash or check only)

Multi-Property & Large lot discounts available: Please contact us directly to inquire

*Minimum price per Application $42.00- Discounts not available for minimum pricing
*Plus Mileage where applicable

What's new for 2023:
We are excited to announce that online
Invoicing and bill-pay options are now available!

As we continue to pray for moisture this season, we will be assessing the need for additional fungus and grub control according to weather as the season plays out!
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