Green Acres Lawn Care

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2024 Price List

Pricing per 1,000 sq ft is the same as our 2023 season.

Spring Core Aeration Special: $3 off per 1000 sq ft (based upon availability)!

In order to continue providing exceptional lawn care to our valued patrons, we are accepting new clients on a referral basis only: Please inquire for details.


We are pleased to offer a 5% discount for the following:

*Signing up for and receiving all 5 Apps
*Pre-Pay (cash or check only)
*Military, First Responders & Teachers
*7 % discount for signing up and receiving all 5 apps and opting for pre-pay (cash or check only)

Multi-Property & Large lot discounts available: (please inquire)

*Minimum price per Application $42.00
*Plus Mileage where applicable

*Discounts not applicable to Spring Core Aeration Special or minimum pricing*

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